Top 5 Amazon Picks For Spring Fashion

Hey family! How are we doing!? So much is happening right now that is impacting world and may be affecting our very own homes. There's a wide range of emotions that we are all processing from feeling scared, being worried, bored out of our minds or simply anxious about the uncertainty of the future. While we can't control the future we can control our present state. That's why if you are a creator I encourage you to keep on creating! If you are a fitness guru show us those moves at home, quarantine style! My make up experts, I'm trying to step up my game in this department so please keep the faces coming! There's ways to get innovative which I will be sharing with you on my next blog post! But the best piece of advice I can give during this time... make a daily to do list. It helps! More on this in the next post. But hang in there everyone! This too will pass and we are all in this together. *High School Musical style lol*

In the spirit of maintaining my creative endeavors, I decided to come to the blog and share with you my top 5 Amazon picks for Spring fashion! Spring is here everyone! Just hearing and thinking of that completely brings nothing but a smile to my face! Trends that I'm excited to be bring to the blog are... Neutrals, pastels, square toe mules, and suited longline short sets. It's been easy to nail some of these trends all thanks to my good friend, Amazon.

So here are my top 5!

1. Pouch Dumpling Crossbody Bag

What I love about this bag is not only is it a crossbody but you can choose to style this bag as a clutch! If this seems a little to large for your liking there are also smaller versions as well. This bag is also available in 5 color ways!

2. Square Toe Quilted Mules

What drew me to these mules were not only the square toe but the quilted pattern giving these mules dimension. The heel also isn't too high and it's available in 10 different color ways!

3. Extra Large Sun Hat

Why I love this hat?? The DRAMA. It's big and extra large just like my personality lol. This is also perfect on those summer days where you'll be by a pool or at the beach! Keeps you cool while in style. Also available in 8 color ways.

4. White Button Down

Everyone needs a classic white button down! Shockingly I do not own one! So this will be entering my closet soon and very soon. It's simple, casual, minimal and clean.

5. Suited Longline Short Set

This color, the fit, the tailoring... you need this in your Spring wardrobe! #Periodt

I hope this took your mind off of our current situation! Even just for a second. This is unfortunately one of the roughest situation the world has been in but let's continue to ban together, create and show each other love!

See you all soon on my next blog post!


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